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Grand Total Over10000 PV for 3 years.

Thank you for reading us.


約3年前、日常生活のどうしようもなさから、これまでの人生を整理するために書き始めたこのブログ"Book Zazen"。

About three years ago, this blog "Book Zazen" was started to sort out or bury my  past life because of the miserable life.



In my twenties, I thought it was like living in a zazen style in front of a book.

So I choose this title "BOOK ZAZEN". It's my original.


 My feet numb....








Contents of future articles
・Mainly, I write about books. Thought and Philosophy.
・Next is music. Before I was crazy about books, I love music, especially Grunge or Alternative music in America.
・It would be great if I could live by touching English and American contemporary poetry and lyrics as a meeting point(Thought and Music, Japan and America(Western)).






Further enrich.
・Disscuss the contents firmly, not associative articles.
⇒ Don't make excuses for not having time. I think so was the old great man. Not everyone was a full-time researcher. If you give yourself some time to study, that is a scholar. That's fine.








<Books purchased today>

Kazuya Fukuda "Strange Ruins: Genealogy and Collaboration of Anti-modernism in France" (Kokusho Publishing, 1989. Japanese)

*Of course I knew Mr. Kazuya Fukuda, and had read conversations and essays in magazines. Furthermore, in the "Critical Space(Hihyo- Kukan)", the issue where the dialogue between Akira Asada/Kojin Karatani and Susumu Nishibe/Kazuya Fukuda was posted is still preserved. He also had a conversation with the fighter, Akira Maeda.

However, this book should have been read first, rather than on time reviews (such as the value of the prime minister) or historical theory (modern history on wartime Japan). The book that became his starting point. As we have attended a graduate school (master's course) in philosophy/ideology, French influence still had an influence in Japan. Levinas was a big thing. But that's not the case. Authors who are not victims.