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英語のススメ:ルーシー ヒューズ=ハレット(Lucy Hughes‐Hallett)の"THE PIKE" (『ダンヌンツィオ 誘惑のファシスト』)ー令和二年八月十四日(金)晴れ

英語のススメ:ルーシー ヒューズ=ハレット(Lucy Hughes‐Hallett)の"THE PIKE"(『ダンヌンツィオ 誘惑のファシスト』)ー令和二年八月十四日(金)晴れ





しかも、日本語版(『ダンヌンツィオ 誘惑のファシスト』として柴野均氏の翻訳で白水社から刊行されている。*邦訳の装丁やタイトルはセンスが良いと思うが・・)は10,000円を超える値段。購入はためらわれる。









I got a copy of D'Annunzio's biography. I thought I'd have to read it in Japanese because it's a biography of an Italian, but the author is British and the original book is in English.

Moreover, the Japanese version ("D'Annunzio: The Temptation of Fascist ", translated by Hitoshi Shibano and published by Hakusui-sha, is also available in Japanese translation. The Japanese translation is priced over 10,000 yen, though I think the cover design and the title of the book are cool.) I hesitated to buy it.

But the original English book is a little over 2,000 yen. God has not abandoned me.

If there's one thing I've done in my life that has helped me, it's languages. It expands my world and often helps me financially.

I'm not recommending this for globalism or anything. It's because these books are available on your own income. Let's learn English. I plan to write a primer for it.


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